With winter in full swing and temperatures in the negatives, there are some special precautions pet owners need to take when caring for their pets this winter to keep them safe and warm! Similar to humans, when we feel the chill on a winter morning, our pets do too! You may be thinking how your pet has this warm fur coat they sport all year long and that’s enough to keep them warm. But that’s not true. Regardless of breed, age, and fur length, your pet can suffer from things like frostbite and hypothermia. 


It can be difficult to tell when your pet is cold especially if they love the cold and snow! Signs to look for include shivering, lethargy, and trying to bury themselves for warmth. Pay attention to the way they walk on the cold surfaces, if they are lifting their paws in the air as they are walking, this could be a sign the ground is hurting their paws. Below is a list we’ve created a list of our favorite ways to keep our four-legged friends warm this winter!


  1.     Add a coat to your pet’s coat!

We love seeing pets on walks sporting their fashionable jackets and sweaters! This is especially a great option for our short-coated fur babies. They not only provide that extra layer of warmth for them, but you can have fun by having them represent your fav sports teams, colors, and more. When choosing a jacket, you want to be sure that it isn’t too tight and there are no dangling cords or loose buttons they can ingest. 


  1.     Shelter!

If your pet happens to live outside, providing an insulated shelter will be best. This will give them the option to get out of the cold weather and seek warm shelter if they choose to do so. Including a bed preferably elevated is ideal. This helps to keep them warm and prevent moisture from dampening their bed. Throwing in an extra blanket or two is a good idea as well for those pets that like to burrow! 


  1.     Adjusting their food!

As our pets need more energy to keep themselves warm during the winter months, you may find that they seem hungrier! The extra calories that they are ingesting will help to keep their body temperature balanced. In some cases, certain breeds have special nutritional needs. Food adjustment is not only to help your pet stay warm but also help with weight gain! Because your pet might not be moving around as much and getting their normal amount of exercise your vet may recommend decreasing the amount they receive.


  1.     Grooming!

As mentioned before, our pet’s main source of heat comes from their coat. It’s important that we help them keep it clean by proper grooming. Their hair can become easily matted and tangled after it becomes wet from playing in the snow. Regular grooming and bathing with our Matico Natural Healing Shampoo can help them to also avoid any skin problems! If you have a mischievous pet that’s prone to getting wounds, you may want to consider cleaning the wound and applying our Dragon’s Blood Spray. This helps to speed up the healing process and allows you to skip the bath on those cold days! 


 These are just a fewtips for pet winter safety to help keep them warm this year. Most importantly, keep an eye on your pet and watch for signs that they are cold. Keep these tips in mind this season so that you and your furry friends can stay warm, cozy, and safe!