Whether you are going away for a summer vacation or a weekend work trip, knowing your pet is in the perfect hands will make your trip much more enjoyable and give you peace of mind. As pet owners, we of course always prefer traveling with our fur babies but unfortunately, not every event is pet friendly. This is when a pet sitter comes in handy!! Finding the perfect sitter may take time and if you have extremely high standards like most of us do, the search can be daunting. However, once you know what to look for, finding the perfect pet sitter will feel a whole lot easier. There are many more qualities to look for in a pet sitter to ensure they are the perfect fit for you and your pet. Below is a list of our top tips on what to look for when hiring your sitter.

    1. Do They Seem Interested In Your Pet? 

Your pet is the light of your life, so sensing that your potential pet sitter is genuinely interested in them is a total game changer! Take note to see if they are asking questions about your pet’s specific needs. Asking about their habits, favorite toys, and likes/dislikes will let you know just how interested they are in getting to know your pet. The first meet and greet between your pet and your potential sitter may not be all flowers and roses. No need to worry, your pet may need some time to warm up to them. However, be alarmed if your pet looks very uncomfortable and the sitter does not seem to be handling them correctly.


    2. Do They Have A Plan For Emergencies

I know, none of us want to think about anything bad happening to our pet while we are gone, but it’s important to know a plan is in place in case something does happen. Now, we are not saying the pet sitter should have your vet’s name and phone number upon arrival, but they should have a list of emergency contacts and steps to take in case something does happen. They should have a plan for if your pet runs away, falls ill, etc. A top-notch pet sitter will know where to go and how to respond in these emergency situations. 


    3. Can They Suit Your Pet’s Specific Needs

Whether you have a senior dog that needs help standing up or a hamster that needs 15 minutes a day outside of its cage, you want to make sure your sitter can meet your pet’s needs. You probably do not want to hire a sitter that specializes in taking care of amphibians to come and watch your cat or dog for a week! Going over your pet’s specific needs upon meeting is important so that your sitter knows exactly what is needed from them and you can rest assured knowing they have a complete understanding of how to care for your pet.

There are so many other qualities to look for when finding the right pet sitter, but always trust your gut. If your pet is acting odd or nervous around a potential sitter, it may be best to keep looking. Remember, your pet will be missing you while you are gone so providing them with a caregiver that loves them just about as much as you do is important. After all, the perfect pet sitter knows that pet sitting is about much more than just showing up to feed and walk your pet!

July 19, 2022 — Cathy Halaszi