Horse Matico Natural Spray


Matico Plant Extract

Matico Natural Spray is made from a shrub that grows in rainforests of Chile and Argentina. Matico (Pañil), also known as Buddleja globosa, is a species of flowering plant that Chilean natives have used for hundreds of years to reduce discomforts in a natural way. 

Our Matico Natural Spray Is Designed To Care For Your Dog's Hygiene And Overall Health!

Oral Care

  • Improve Common Problems Found In Caring For Dental Hygiene
  • Improve Bad Breath
  • Alleviate Pain And Irritations In The Gums

Skin Care

  • Reduce Recovery Time Of Small Wounds
  • Sooth Skin Irritation
  • Topical For The Care Of Wounds And Irritations


Aqua, Buddleja globosa Leaf Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate. 

Contents  100ml.

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