Kawell USA Naturally the Next Step in Pet Care

Kawell’s USA Story

Kawell USA began as a project to develop products based on copper to take advantage of its antimicrobial properties and benefits in providing solutions to diseases associated with horse hooves. In our first few years, we devoted great efforts to achieve a special copper alloy that allowed us to make horseshoes with 83% copper content, while maintaining similar features  as iron horseshoes. We have expanded our product line-up while staying true to using natural extracts to provide healing benefits to all pets and animals.

The Care Continues

Once the company developed and validated our new copper alloy, we began testing the beneficial effects on horses to verify their efficiency. Our testing had excellent results across different countries and continents, giving way to EPA approval in United States and the exclusive patent of the alloy which allows us to affirm that our product is antimicrobial. As the business progressed, we developed a new line of products based on natural extracts for animal skin and oral care which have had excellent acceptance in horse and pet markets for their special properties and ability to promote natural health.