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Kawell Copper Alloy Horseshoes

  Kawell Copper Alloy Horseshoes are a patent design  # US 9 107 398 B2, registered with the Copper Development Association - UNS Alloy No. C6915, and the copper alloy...
Kawell Hoof Paste Horse Hoof Paste instructions
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Horse Hoof Paste

Kawell Hoof Paste  Kawell Hoof Paste is a topical ointment made with a series of carefully selected compounds in order to protect the horse's hoof.  This paste contains essential oils...
All ProductsHorseshoes & Inserts

Kawell Copper Frog Alloy Inserts

 Kawell Copper Frog Alloy Inserts Kawell Copper Alloy Frog Inserts are a patented product devised to give horses a better quality of life by killing bacteria and fungus on contact...