What is a mouth ulcer?

Mouth ulcers develop when the lining membrane is damaged, exposing the underlying tissue. This can result from traumatic injury. Wounds or sores in the corners of the mouth or on the tongue can be caused by a poorly fitting or functioning bit or from trauma from excessive force applied to the bit. If the horse’s immune system is suppressed in any way ulcers may even become infected by bacteria or fungus.

Possible Causes: 


  • Sores can also be caused by a variety of diseases. Some viral diseases include EHV-1 and Vesicular Stomatitis (VS).

                - In case of a viral disease, it is very important to isolate the horse and contact your veterinarian 


  • NSAID (Bute, Banamine) toxicity will sometimes cause oral ulcers
  • Ingesting of toxins (toxic plants and other sources: herbicides, wood preservatives, insecticides) can damage the lining membrane cells of the mouth.


  • Sharp enamel projections on teeth or canine teeth that are not fully erupted
  • Foreign bodies (splinters, foxtail or wild barley, Ripgut grass and Cheatgrass)

Signs and symptoms:

  • Your horse is interested at feeding time, yet stops eating soon after he starts
  • They have their mouth slightly open or lower lip hanging down
  • Slobbering, drooling or salivating
  • Dropping grain or feed abnormally when eating 
  • Bad breath 
  • Mouth or lips sensitive to touch
  • Visible ulcers inside the mouth especially along the lower lip canal


    • Take out any grass or content stuck in the ulcers 
    • Antiseptic Mouth Washes 
    • Kawell USA Matico Spray is safe to use orally and has healing and antimicrobial benefits 

      Kawell USA Matico Spray


      What is it? 

      Matico Spray is a natural product spray based from an endemic plant from Chile named Matico (scientific name: Piper aduncum or soldier’s herb), this plant has been used as traditional medicine for the treatment of wounds by indigenous people for its curative properties, the leaves of Matico are used as infusions for treatment of stomach ulcers. 

      Kawell USA Matico Spray helps cure common problems found in caring for a horse’s dental hygiene such as wounds caused by vesicular stomatitis, gingivitis, mouth ulcers and sores. The Matico spray also works great in alleviating pain and irritation that can come from bleeding gums while reducing recovery time, as topical for the care of wounds and irritations.

      Ingredients: water, Piper aduncum (Matico), Imidazolidinyl urea

      How does it work?

      Matico spray helps and improves wound healing process from its high content of matico, thus achieving a better environment to help dermal healing through antioxidants, analgesia and anti-inflammatory properties.  These properties are given by its variety of compounds among which are: Flavonoids, Phenylethanoids, Triterpenes and Sterols, which work together as antioxidants, accelerate wound healing, corrals cell damaging free radicals.

      How is it used? 

      Matico spray can be used topical or orally shake well before using. 

      Orally: Apply directly to the lesion, application twice a day is recommended or according to veterinary advice. Wait 20 minutes before feeding to allow contact time.

      Topical: In dermal pathologies after cleaning the wound (clean water, saline, antiseptic) without bleeding, apply directly to the wound. The recommended application is twice a day for best results. 

      Where you can find it?    www.kawellusa.com