Grooming your horse is such an important part of your riding routine. Not only is it a time to bond with your loving animal, but also a time to look over their entire body for any kind of swelling or anything else that looks out of the ordinary. We are going to go over all the grooming tools needed and a routine to banish a dull coat and get your horse photoshoot ready!  

What you need to know to groom your horse?

First off you need to make sure your horse grooming kit has all the proper supplies! This should include a hoof pick with a brush, hard curry, soft curry or curry mitt, stiff/hard brush, soft brush, and a mane & tail comb. These are just some of the necessities, there are many more things that you can add to your grooming kit, but if we go over all of that we could be here a while! We recommend starting with your hard curry. We suggest checking out our Copper Curry, because it is 100% copper and can be used without-cross contaminating horses and transferring things such as rain rot and any other skin issues. This is an excellent choice if you have multiple horses you ride or if you’re at a lesson barn! This is something you will want to use all over their body besides their legs and face (which for them you can use your soft rubber curry). This brush helps to loosen dirt in your horse's coat, brings dirt and loose hair to the surface, and massages your horse’s skin! 

Next, you want to use a stiff/hard brush to remove the loose hair, dust, and dirt you worked up with your curry comb. After that, you'll want to brush out any knots or tangles in their mane and tail, spraying in a conditioner will definitely help smooth things out! You’ll want to finish grooming your horse's body with a soft brush. This, you can use all over their body to pull off any extra loose hair or dirt and really help to bring out that shine!

Once you’ve tackled the body, it’s time to take your hoof pick and gently remove any dirt or stones that may be lodged in their hoof. You also will want to check for any signs of thrush. After all the grooming if you’ve seen any wounds, skin fungi, or rashes, something you may want to consider using is our Dragon’s Blood Healing Spray. This helps to promote the accelerated healing of skin wounds and scrapes by creating a liquid bandaid so your horse can get back to feeling their best self.

Getting a shiny coat takes some work but is so worth it in the end and as equestrians, I don’t think we mind spending some extra time with our horse. We hope following our horse grooming suggestions will help you to achieve the coat of your dreams because let’s face it, who doesn’t want their horse to glow! 

September 01, 2021 — Cathy Halaszi