Horse Hoof Paste - Comes with Brush for Easy Application! 

Horse Hoof Paste is a topical ointment made with a series of carefully selected compounds in order to protect the horse's hoof.  This paste contains essential oils with high antibacterial and antifungal properties that help and prevent infectious diseases that affect hooves (bacteria and fungi).

Kawell USA Hoof Paste has high water-repellent properties, which is ideal for avoiding excess humidity. With the addition of natural greases and petrolatum, our hoof paste prevents dryness, helps cracked hooves, and provides high antimicrobial power by using wood tar, and pine oil in its formulation.

No Formalin
This paste contains no formalin. Formalin causes artificial hardening effects by dehydration that threatens the natural elasticity of horn tissue that predisposes cracks, in addition to its carcinogenic effects.

How to Use
Clean hooves prior to application. Apply Kawell USA Hoof Paste with a brush to cover the entire hoof (wall, sole, frog, bars and bulb heels) and only in the horn. Daily application improves benefits. It is highly recommended to apply after trimming and prior to shoeing. Kawell USA Hoof Paste is black but it does not stain hooves.


Pine Oil, One Tar, Petroleum jelly, lard

Horse Hoof Paste



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