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On February 23rd, your dog doesn’t want a pet, to be scratched on the belly, or to go for a walk. What he really wants is his biscuit because it’s National Dog Biscuit Day! Dogs love their treats just like we do and after all, our four-legged friends are our...

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With winter in full swing and temperatures in the negatives, there are some special precautions pet owners need to take when caring for their pets this winter to keep them safe and warm! Similar to humans, when we feel the chill on a winter morning, our pets do too! You...

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The smell of rotting dairy when you’re cleaning your horse’s hooves is the smell no horse owner wants to ingest. It’s no secret that horses’ feet don’t smell like roses, but if you’ve had the displeasure of being smacked in the face with this scent, we recommend taking a closer...

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