According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, nearly 60% of cats are suffering from obesity in the U.S. alone. If you’re looking for ways to get your kitty off the couch, then toys are going to be your best bet. Cats love to play! They love to run, hide, and pounce, tuning-in to their predatory instincts. Without mental and physical stimulation every single day, cats can become bored, depressed, and prone to weight gain. Being extremely unpredictable animals, finding a toy that will drum up some interest can be quite difficult. We’ve compiled a list of a few easy DIY cat toys that are fun and easy to make for your fluffy feline friend!

First up, is the simple feather string toy! This toy is loved by cats of all ages and sizes. These are extremely easy to make and will keep your cat entertained for hours. All you need is a thick sturdy string or ribbon and some tied-on feathers. You can even add bells to draw in your kitty’s eye!


  • At least two feet of thick, sturdy string (felt, thin rope, and certain ribbons work well)
  • Non-toxic glue
  • Feathers, pom-poms, bells 

Craft Instructions

  1. Tie one end of the string around the base of your feathers. Use double knots or more to ensure it’s secure. You can also add a couple of dabs of glue in between the feathers and string knot for added security.
  2. Glue or tie in other items (like bells) as desired.
  3. Tie another knot about halfway up the rest of the string, then another close to the opposite end. These will help with movement as well as give you a better grip when playing with your cat.

Second, is every cat’s favorite, a scratching post! As we know, cats love to stretch and scratch. Unfortunately, those scratching posts don’t last forever. To make your own cat scratch post, simply wrap a coarse string or rope around a sturdy piece of tubing or wood. You can even get creative and add a personalized touch to it. Instagram is full of fun ideas!


  • One sturdy piece of tubing (like a PVC pipe) or wood post
  • Enough rope to wrap around the post tightly from end to end, with about a foot left over
  • Small furry cat toy
  • Hot glue gun

Craft Instructions

  1. Starting on one end of the post or pipe, start wrapping the rope around tightly, gluing down as you go. Make sure there are no spaces in between wrappings.
  2. Keep going until the entire post/pipe is fully wrapped in rope, to the point that you can’t see what’s underneath unless you look at the ends. Leave the extra string hanging loose.
  3. Tie or glue down the furry toy to the end of the loose rope section. To attach more securely, you may want to cut a small hole in the toy and glue the rope inside. 
  4. Go along the rope/post and pick off a piece of excess dried glue you see. Run your hands along it to make sure the rope is completely secure and won’t be able to be moved by your cat.
  5. Prop up or lay the toy somewhere your cat can get to it. Now they have a new cat scratcher with a toy!

As a cat owner, you have the opportunity to enrich your cat’s life with homemade cat toys, and also make sure they are made with clean, non-toxic materials! Here at Kawell USA, we are ALL about natural and non-toxic. Check out our entire line of natural pet products at We know you won’t always hit a home run with the toy you provide your cat, but over time, you will learn what really sparks that light in your furry feline’s eye!


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